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20 Of My Fav Instagram Accounts To Follow


If you’re anything like me, you totally dig Instagram for the beautiful photography, inspiring words and creative expression.

My favourite Instagram accounts come under four categories: Words of wisdom, Travel, Designers and Creative Artists.

In no particular order, let’s get into it.

5 peeps who share dope words of wisdom
that will brighten your day ::

+ The Strategy Lab

What are you grateful for today? #thestrategylab #gratitude #grateful #gratefulheart #happiness #quote #wordstoliveby

A photo posted by K I R S T I N S A L M O N (@thestrategylab) on

+ Peta Kelly

Wabi-Sabi Well 

A REVOLUTION OF REVERENCE // “It is the task of every woman that is awakening right now to establish a reverent relationship with herself, to cut through all the self negating, false beliefs once and for all, To throw all the pity seeking, illusory wounding out the window, To cease giving herself away to fit in and to be accepted and to instead devote herself to discovering the potent power that she holds. It is her time to take that journey within, to take time to listen to her body, to listen to her intuition and her heart and to live from that place… To bring forth what is inside out into the world. When a woman is connected to her true nature, for the most part she feels whole and complete, alive, peaceful, joyous, grateful, inspired, creative, actively dynamic, all embracing, expansive, beautiful, wise, truthful and sensual… These are all signs that she is in alignment with her feminine and integrated with her masculine.. Such a woman has the power to transform the world. ” – Caroline de Lisser ? (via our gal pal @cara_simone xx) Let’s start a revolution of self-reverence and transform the world. ✨

A photo posted by Wabi-Sabi Well (@wabisabiwell) on

+ Viendamaria

I used to be terrified of 3 C words. They were: ↠ Consistency ↠ Commitment + ↠ Clarity When I first started creating and living a life filled with freedom I thought that in order to have freedom, every moment of time had to be open, spontaneous and unstructured. That doing things consistently was repetitive and boring, that commitment equaled sacrifice, and that clarity meant closing the doors to other possibilities. With time I learned however that I was seeing the world from a perception of extremes, that it was all either one way or another instead of embracing true freedom, which is, as the Buddhists call it ‘the middle way’. ↠ consistency with mindfulness + openness to adapt and change ↠ commitment aligned to my values and intuition and motivated by my heart, not to expectations or judgements ↠ clarity with flexibility and a deep trust in the greater unknown The freedom that I know and experience now is so much greater because I no longer live in fear of creating structure with in magic and the flow. Instead I balance between two worlds: physical and magical. ✨?

A photo posted by ↠ Writer | Mentor | Wanderer (@viendamaria) on

+ TheWorldNeedsThisProject

In a world filled with so many wonders and so many heartbreaks, the only thing that makes sense to me right now is to turn up the #love .. x

A photo posted by #TheWorldNeedsThis Project ✨ (@theworldneedsthisproject) on

5 globe trotters who will inspire your
desire for wanderlust ::

+ Do You Travel

Never an average morning in Cappadocia – Next stop ✈︎ B A R C E L O N A ??

A photo posted by JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel) on

+ Salty Wings 

+ Gypsea Lust

✧ M O R O C C O ✧ Wearing- @faithfullthebrand #FaithfullTravels

A photo posted by LAUREN BULLEN (@gypsea_lust) on

Paris In Four Months

I came back to Paris this weekend, just in time for summer to finally (!) arrive in our city ☀️?

A photo posted by Carin Olsson (@parisinfourmonths) on

+ Tuula Vintage

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” – Thoreau. Sunrise at @azuliktulum ✨

A photo posted by Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage) on

5 accounts who have epic interior design
and styling skills :: 

+ Three Birds Renovations

Two walls were removed to open up this space! Makes such a difference… ??#nestinginnorthmeadrenofour #realrenos #sixweekrenos ? @hannahblackmore

A photo posted by THREE BIRDS RENOVATIONS (@threebirdsrenovations) on

+ Ashe Leandro

Ashe + Leandro in @vogueliving May/June issue! @iangphillips ? @stephanjulliard

A photo posted by ASHE + LEANDRO (@ashe_leandro) on

+ Villa Styling

+ Peppa Hart

H O M E.

A photo posted by S O P H I E ✖️ B E L L (@peppahart) on

+ The Boho Bungalow

5 insanely talented creative artists ::

+ Jasmine Dowling

+ Black List Studio

+ The Black Line By Lauren

don’t just have a dream; cast a vision | #theblackline #theblacklinebylauren #bnw #writing #handlettering #calligraphy

A photo posted by theblackline by lauren (@theblacklinebylauren) on

+ Anya Paint Face

+ Elle Wills


A photo posted by Elle Wills ? (@elle_wills) on

(Image Credit: Gabriel Santiago)

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