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5 reasons why we MUST practice stillness


1. All we have is now.

Right now, in this moment, is all that is. You’ve heard the phrase “stop and smell the roses”. But have you stopped and recognised how powerful these words are? The magic we can witness when we are present is beyond our wildest expectations.

You know when you’re feeling that childlike wonder for the world, mother nature, and all its beauty. We vibe higher. We feel an immense amount of gratitude. We forget any pain we’re holding onto. That is the power of being present.

2. Meaningful conversations are born.

When we look into someone else’s eyes and truly hear what they’re saying, a deep connection blossoms. These heart-driven meaningful conversations spark ideas, conscious businesses, soul projects and random acts of kindness. This is what the world needs more of.

3. Recognise our resistances.

If we become conscious of our triggers and resistances in our everyday lives, we can shift our self-talk and behaviour in the moment. When I became aware of my resistance to share my work and writing, I was able to overcome the bullshit self-talk, and get on with creating more epic shit.

4. Potent Listening.

When we master the art of presence, we can provide a safe and conscious space for someone to be truly heard. We all need to be heard. We all need to express what’s bursting to come out. Let’s create that scared space for each other in times of need.

5. Experience the feeling of joy and aliveness.

Ow the beauty and joy you’ll see all around you every day. How divine. When we feel ALIVE, pure joy and deep love, we are in a very precious present moment. When we are thinking into our past or future, a lot of the time this is when feelings of anxiety, stress, fear and sadness arise.

Make it your purpose to be in the moment, that’s where the magic happens.

Love Danika. x

PS. I’m embarking on a 30 day meditation challenge today. I’m hoping to embrace more stillness in my life, and expand my writing. Follow my journey over on Instagram. 

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