Heart-Driven Homie


I’m all for love. Mother Earth – I’m in complete awe. The words Spiritual Gangster get me vibin high. I wander the world often with my husband. Wine, coffee and more recently cacao are my drink. Music heals my soul. It’s my meditation. I want to do more yoga than I already do, I want to paint more than I have. I adore beauty – our planet, architecture, art & writing.

I believe the world needs you now more than ever. Your love. Your kindness. Your compassion. Your generous heart. Connect me with people who desire to have deep, meaningful conversations and I’m there. I’m fascinated by the human condition.

I’m obsessed with encouraging Gen Y souls to awaken the fire that sparks them to live a wild & meaningful life. To empower them to paint the world with their own colours.

I’m madly in love with my husband. He’s sexy and kind AF. One of the biggest lessons he’s taught me is the power of consistency. We are together almost 24/7 – working, playing, laughing & travelling. We often get asked how we do it – my answer is that our values and desires are aligned.

We both love to work hard, which has provided us with some of most extraordinary experiences travelling all around the world. Our next overseas adventure is Italy in October for this guys 30th.  


What do I write about here? The heart of the matter. The art of deeply living. Creativity. Morning routines & rituals. Travel. My life with my husband. Anything of meaning.

What do I do? Other than creatively expressing here…
+ Co-Direct Platinum Building Approvals with my husband.
+ We have both grown up in the building industry, and love the building process. At the moment we’re building two, million dollar houses in Bulimba, QLD.
+ Occasionally I take on an online digital project – building websites or product launches.
+ I created the project #TheWorldNeedsYou. The purpose is to remind every single human on this beautiful planet that they’re needed. The idea tapped me on the shoulder in 2015. I’m still not sure what it’s going to blossom into, but I’m excited to continue to serve the idea.
+ I write. Sometimes poetry. And share some of it on my Instagram.
+ We’re currently playing with a new business idea. More to come.