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Birthday Reflections


My soul sister Amber McLean writes in her book #iamdone:

“No matter what decisions we make, no matter what actions we take, exponential growth is activated by vulnerably sharing and witnessing (in real time) of our transformational processes.”

I couldn’t think of a better time then my birthday to vulnerably express how I feel right now, in this moment.

It’s 8:57pm on my birthday, I’m sitting on the lounge after spending the evening with my husband, thinking how grateful I am for this one precious life I have, and that I get to share it with such a kind soul.

What a blessing that on this day 27 years ago it was my time to come to planet earth to make a difference. I believe so deeply that there’s so much important work to be done to enhance humanity, and that’s what I’m focused on.

I am focused on making the most powerful impact I can in the time I have.

I am focused on experiencing the most beautiful moments with the people I love so dearly.

I am focused on doing what light me up. Because what lights me up, will help light up the world.

I am focused on turning up the love.

I am focused on spreading the kindness as I wander this world with my husband.

Before I head to bed, I’d love to leave you with a powerful question from Amber’s book.

If you only had 12 months left on this planet, how would you be contributing?

Huge love,

Danika. x

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