Soulful Morning Routines

Soulful Morning Routines With Genevieve LaCaze

Genevieve LaCaze

Genevieve LaCaze is a professional distance runner for Nike, and represented by Melbourne Track Club. Running is her career and life. Being fit, healthy and active is what she does day in and day out.

I’m so grateful to have her share here today, not only because she’s been my best friend since we were in primary school, but she’s living proof that with dedication, hard work and consistency your dreams really do come true.

Genevieve is a 2012 & 2016 Olypmian. An Australian record holder for the 3000m steeplechase, and a Olympic finalist for the 3000m steeplechase and 5km – which I was lucky enough to witness in Rio last year. 

What’s your morning routine? 

7:30am – WAKE. This is usually a standard alarm time no matter where I am in the world. I travel every few months to a new training location so our training group keeps to a strict routine no matter what time zone. This is 9:30am for morning sessions, 5:30pm for afternoon runs.

7:31am – SPLASH THE FACE. I wash my face every morning so I feel awake and apply my face moisturiser with SPF (that’s a must!)

7:35am – THE TOP KNOT. I have quite the mane of hair so I cannot get away with ignoring it. I brush all the knots out and put it into a high bun, which is my staple hairdo for a session.

7:40am – DOSES. I take my vitamins with a big glass of water. As a distance athlete, my body is continuously put through enormous amounts of stress so daily vitamins are vital. On a regular basis I take vitamin C, B, D and also magnesium tablets for my muscles. It also forces me to drink water as I am constantly forgetting to keep hydrated!

8:00am – SCROLL. I try to be upstairs making my coffee before 8am so I can sit down and stomach a small snack before a hard run. I make my coffee with a bit of honey and skim milk alongside a banana with peanut butter (a littler extra energy). I don’t consider this breakfast as I always allow my self to fill up after I run & refuel. During my coffee and banana I always just take my time to sit and scroll through social media feeds and any news from the night before on twitter. I see this as my down time before I have to start getting my body ready for exercise.

8:30am – STRETCH. This is probably the most important part of my morning. After years of running, my body takes a long time to get ready for training so stretching, foam rolling, trigger pointing and activating my muscles is crucial. I go through a routine I have made up over time to get my body woken up and activated as much as possible before leaving the house.

9:00am – GO TIME. Most of the year I have to travel to a training location for a 9:30am start. There are the occasional training camps where we can run from the door but a lot of the time for the important sessions, we have to drive. Therefore I make sure my morning routine has me ready to go at 9am and if I don’t have to travel, then lucky me – 30mins free time!

5 Rapid Questions

1. Do you have a morning ritual that no matter how crazy your morning is (knowing your normal routine won’t get done), you do? My coffee and banana are a must. Without them I could struggle to function through my mornings, easy or hectic – it is my dose of energy!

2. What’s your guiding word for 2017? “Persistence” – no matter what, always endure.

3. What’s your favourite morning beauty hack or product? My daily face moisturiser with SPF. I am not picky with a brand it just needs to be quality and soothing on my dry skin.

4. What is your go to breaky that makes you feel amazing? After I run, I would say 80% of the time I have 2 poached eggs on a bed of spinach with tomatoes, ham, cottage cheese, avo and spicy sauce of some sort.

“Enjoy the journey, don’t obsess about the outcome.”

5. If you could only share one piece of wisdom with the world that you’ve learned on your journey so far, what would it be? Enjoy the journey, don’t obsess about the outcome. I have traveled the world for my profession but a lot of the time I have missed the beautiful places I have been because I was too caught up in what I was there to do. I now take time after my races to appreciate and enjoy the special places my running takes me. It is a life I would never trade for anything.

You can find Genevieve on Instagram and Facebook to follow her journey.

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