Soulful Morning Routines

Soulful Morning Routines With Cassie Torrecillas | Co-Founder of The Bucketlist Bombshells

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Cassie is one-half of the sarcastic and sweet BFF duo behind The Bucketlist Bombshells where they teach and empower millennial women how to build an online service-based business that gives them the freedom to travel the world and live creatively. They believe that the future of work is remote and they’re passionate about rewriting the rules of the American Dream. Their online courses and community have been featured on Forbes, Elite Daily and Global Living Magazine.

What’s your morning routine?

My morning routine looks a bit different depending on the current city & country we’re currently living in, although we’ve learned (albeit the hard way) how important it is for us mentally and physically to keep a consistent routine when we’re living and working on the road. 

On an average day (when I’m in living in Bali for the past year!), I wake up around 6:30am – I love the mornings and it’s when I’m the most productive – the day is quiet and serene and I feel motivated because I have the whole day ahead of me. While I get ready, I love listening to a podcast (the She Did It Her Way podcast is my current fave) that starts my day off feeling inspired. 

When I’m not forgetful, I take my vitamins and a shot of ginger, apple cider vinegar and lemongrass with a touch of honey. Then, I jump on my scooter and head to the coworking space, order a latte with almond milk and a yummy healthy breakfast. 

I review my “Daily Download” which is a 5-minute productivity exercise made by Inkwell Press that I’m obsessed with! I review my notes from the previous day to create a priority task like for my current day. After that, I check emails, messages in Slack then prepare for our 8am daily team meetings!

6 Rapid Questions

Do you have a morning ritual that no matter how crazy your morning is (knowing your normal routine won’t get done), you do?
To be honest, if it’s a crazy morning, most of my routine goes out the window, except for a healthy breakfast and a latte which are must-haves in my book. I try to give myself grace and know that not every single day will be perfect with my ideal morning routine. Sometimes, I think it’s okay to shake it up or switch things around to meet a friend in the morning for breakfast or a coffee date etc. For me, it’s all about balance.

What’s your guiding word for 2017?
Hmm – I feel like I have two.
The first for myself is grace. As an entrepreneur, I’m always pushing myself to do better, be better, more successful etc. It’s important for me this year to stop, reflect and recognize how far I’ve come and give myself grace when I don’t always feel on my A-game.

The second is community. We’ve put a very strong focus on our Bucketlist Bombshells community this year and cultivating a positive, supportive and inspiring place for our girls to connect and share their dreams. It’s so important to us that even as we grow a large community, every single girl feels welcomed and supported. We’ve realized the power that community has not just on our business, but in our personal lives as well.

What’s your favourite morning beauty hack or product?
Ah – I’m kind of a product junkie and my current faves are the Caudalie face products that leave my skin feeling so silky and moisturized that all I need is a little tinted moisturizer and I’m good to go! For easy, beachy waves I put in a little air dry hair cream after I jump out of the shower. I love that my morning beauty routine is simple and fuss-free.

What is your go to breaky that makes you feel amazing?
Avocado on gluten free toast with poached eggs and a latte with homemade almond milk – yum!

What book are you reading right now?
You’re A Badass by Jen Sincero.

If you could only share one piece of wisdom with the world that you’ve learned on your journey so far, what would it be?
I love this quote, “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”. I think many people let fear stand in the way of their dreams – but I believe that life is too short to be stuck in something that doesn’t fulfill you or make you happy, whether it’s a job, a relationship etc. Create an action plan for the change you desire and the things that light you up and pursue it relentlessly. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you’re capable of outside of your comfort zone.

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