Soulful Morning Routines

Soulful Morning Routines with Jasmine Dowling


Jasmine Dowling is a letterer/graphic designer/blogger from Brisbane, Australia. In 2012 she began doing both personal design projects & commissioned work for clients. She has truly made her passion a full time gig by creating full time with clients that have included IMG Models, Wittner, Maybelline New York, David Jones, Max & Co & Hallmark.

Expressing her love for fashion & design through her self-titled blog & social media, Jasmine prioritises her personal taste & new talent through her posts. Early 2014, her online store launched selling her art print collections. Now Jasmine’s days consist of coffee, postal runs, ink covered hands, shooting, styling and editing away in her home studio.

What’s your morning routine?

7:30 AM The alarm goes off and I am a one-alarm type of girl so I am now awake.
7:45 AM I have either successfully avoided clicking emails on my phone or I have probably got straight into replying if something was there and urgent (horrible habit)
8:00 AM I have got up, made oats and coffee and am back in bed to listen to a podcast for half an hour
8:30 AM I am in the shower to wake myself up, ready to clear the desk and start around 8:45

6 Rapid Questions

Do you have a morning ritual that no matter how crazy your morning is (knowing your normal routine won’t get done), you do?
Coffee. I don’t care if I am just rushing to go out for coffee. I know I am a safer driver with one in the system.

What’s your guiding word for 2017?
The only reward for good work is more work.

What’s your favourite morning beauty hack or product?
Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Spray

What is your go to breaky that makes you feel amazing?
Porridge in winter then fresh fruit with muesli if it’s Summer.

What book are you reading right now?
Notes To Myself My Struggle to become a person by Hugh Prather. I picked it up by chance at a book fair last month and it is so perfect.

If you could only share one piece of wisdom with the world that you’ve learned on your journey so far, what would it be?
You have to do the work. There is no point worrying or putting expectation on your work and what it will bring you. Whether it is ‘success’ or money that you are hoping it gives to you in return you can’t control that. All you can control is the work you do. So you better find joy in that alone.

You can find Jasmine on her website and her insanely beautiful Instagram feed.

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