Soulful Morning Routines

Soulful Morning Routines with Ash Good

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Ash Good is a Qualified Osteopath, Certified Health Coach, Network Marketer and Wellness Ambassador on a mission to show others what is possible in all areas of their lives.

She has been on this journey of health, wellness and personal development for almost a decade, and in the last few years resigned from her Osteopathy job to pursue her passion for wellness and business with a Network Marketing company where she gets to help people not only find their best health, but also how to live a life of radical happiness.

Ash loves travelling, having fun, the ocean, and if you follow her on social media will know she has a slight obsession with capturing beach sunrises and sunsets.

What’s your morning routine?

In the Summer I wake before 5am as the sun is up so early here. I’ll have some apple cider vinegar and lemon in warm water, a herbal tonic, and then I’ll meditate between 15 and 30min and then journal for as little or long as I need to.

Then, its go time – I’m energised in the mornings so it’s my favourite time to exercise. And I am fortunate to live in a really beautiful place with lots of options for outdoor exercise. So I’ll either run the Noosa National Park track, do stairs sets by the beach, hit the ocean, do a class at the Pilates Studio, and twice a week hit the gym with my trainer.

6 Rapid Questions

Do you have a morning ritual that no matter how crazy your morning is (knowing your normal routine won’t get done), you do?
The herbal tonic I take first thing is a non-negotiable, as is the meditation. And if I’m stuck for time and haven’t woken early enough, I’ll just do a short meditation it may only be 5 minutes.

What’s your guiding word for 2017?
I have two. Up-level and Alignment.

What’s your favourite morning beauty hack or product?
Cold showers I’ve been doing for only the last few weeks and I am addicted. So invigorating and beneficial for our health (inside and outside). I’m also a huge fan of intermittent fasting – once a week its 24 hours, but most of the time its just fasting in the mornings until midday.

What is your go to breaky that makes you feel amazing?
I have a superfood smoothie that I have had every morning for the last 3 years (unless I’m fasting)

What book are you reading right now?
Ha! I recently went to buy a new book and then looked at my bookshelf and my kindle and made a promise to myself I would not buy another book until I got through the ones I have already purchased and I am on a mission – I have read a book every couple of days in the last few weeks.

I have a few on the go at the moment – all very different too!

Silent Power – Stuart Wilde
Maximum Achievement – Brian Tracy
The Winners Bible – Kerry Spackman
The new Era of Network Marketing
Loving what is – Byron Katie

If you could only share one piece of wisdom with the world that you’ve learned on your journey so far, what would it be?
Get clear on what you want. 
Most people don’t get what they want, because they don’t know what they want. Carve out some time to get clear on your goals and what you want, and then live in alignment with and really ‘be’ the person you need to become to achieve them.

You can find Ash on Instagram and her website.

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