Soulful Morning Routines

Soulful Morning Routines With Meg O’Sullivan


Meg believes life is meant to feel good. So this is what she spends her days doing. Through her work with essential oils and yoga, Meg is devoted to helping people remember the amazing powers of their body & their infinite capacity to create, heal and experience joy.

She doesn’t believe in hustle or hard work. Instead she’s committed to playing in the realm of possibility, doing all things with heart and reminding her community that this is the new way!

What’s your morning routine?

I’m not a person of structure. I rarely set an alarm. Sometimes this means waking at 6am, sometimes 9am. I’m devoted to listening to my body and being guided by Her.

Believe me though, sleeping in does still come with it’s resistance. “You’ve wasted the day!”, my inner critic says! I’m getting better at soothing myself when these thoughts come up. Reminding myself that it’s not what I do but how I feel that matters, always seems to ease any “post-sleep-in-regret”.

My mornings for me are sacred. It’s the time I spend remembering and reconnecting with ALL-THAT-IS, tuning into Cosmic Consciousness. I’ve just recently tightened my boundaries around this too. Deciding not to schedule ANYTHING before 10am (work, coffee catch-ups…). I know carving out time for reconnection first thing puts me in alignment for the day and I’m no longer willing to sacrifice this!

How I do this look different every day and is usually a combination of a few of the following…
Gentle yoga at home. Walk in nature (I live in an Eco Village deep in nature, surrounded by kangaroos). Stillness. Oracle Cards. Listening to Abraham Hicks. Journalling. Reading. Drinking my Bulletproof coffee whilst basking in the sun.

My life mantra is… “Do what feels good.” So every morning is just a series of things that feel good.
My phone usually stays flight-moded for all of this too!

6 Rapid Questions

Do you have a morning ritual that no matter how crazy your morning is (knowing your normal routine won’t get done), you do?
Right now it’s drinking my Bulletproof in the sun. Tuning into my inner guidance with some stillness. And picking an oracle card.

What’s your guiding word for 2017?
RISE. A friend has even gifted my a necklace with the word carved into it!

For me it’s this reminder to RISE UP and be in alignment with the highest version of myself. And hold space for others to do that same!!!

What’s your favourite morning beauty hack or product?
I’m so simple with this kinda stuff. I wash my face with water. And use essential oils & coconut oil on my skin. Right now I’m obsessed with doTERRA’s Salubelle beauty blend. Incredible anti-ageing oils and I feel like such a Goddess when I use it!

What is your go to breaky that makes you feel amazing?
Bulletproof coffee: The ritual of making it. Smelling it. Drinking it. How it leaves me feeling. It’s all MAGIC!

What book are you reading right now?
Women Who Run with the Wolves. Taking it very slow with this one, but it’s a potent read for EVERY WOMAN!

If you could only share one piece of wisdom with the world that you’ve learned on your journey so far, what would it be?
Devote your life to doing what feels good. This is your greatest service to the world.

You can find Meg on her website & over on Instagram sharing soulful words via her stories often.

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