Words By Danika

When I stopped comparing and shared my voice with the world.




That’s how I feel in this moment writing these words.

After an epic conversation late last year with my soul sister Amber about our BIG meaningful work, I gave myself some time to download. You know how after you have an inspired AF conversations with like-minded peeps, you feel high on life and insanely creative? That was me.

I observed that my higher self had been dropping hints left, right and center, encouraging me to start crafting beautiful & meaningful words to share with the world.

Vulnerable Truth: I am drawn to people who speak and write their truth in their own unique language. Pure self-expression. I love that. Peta Kelly is a heart-driven homie who with such conviction, heart and dopeness shares her words daily. That realness has inspired me so much.

For the past few years since starting my “blog” I’ve been peaking my head out, sharing something and then retreating, kinda like a turtle haha. My admiration for beautifully crafted words from influences stopped me from writing and sharing my own words with the world, because I was afraid they weren’t good enough.

Resistance in the form of comparison has been blinding me from seeing my truth.


November last year I returned home.

I was on a retreat in Kingscliff with 7 gorgeous women, and it was my morning to hold a session. I decided to facilitate a soul sister circle of truth, where we each got to voice something we’ve never said out loud before. It was insanely powerful for everyone which I’m very humbled by.

I kicked off the session and within seconds I was in tears. I could hardly get my words out, but I eventually did. I’m not going to share what I said, as it was a sacred circle of trust. However, I will tell you that I transcended and that’s why you’re reading this vulnerable AF post right now.

Wisdom received: What you truly love and adore in others, is already within you. Seek within.

Now, It’s my time to hustle with heart, and share my voice with the world.

First step: Post this blog.
Second step: Write. Write. Write.

I encourage you to observe how your resistance is showing up, and to uncover the wisdom waiting for you.

Danika. x
PS. Never forget, the world needs you.

PPS. I removed the comment section on my blog, so feel free to email me your thoughts,
questions or anything for that matter to danika@platinumba.com.au

(Image by Ben White)

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